We are a high-impact consulting firm dedicated
to improving the customer experience.

Our team and our work are regularly described
as the best in the business by clients.


Customer Experience. Product & Service Design. Innovation Strategy.

We help companies understand their customers, prioritize innovation initiatives and develop customer experience, product and service strategies that have real, measurable impact on key business metrics.

Our projects range from helping clients better understand and improve their current customer experience to formulating customer influenced omni-channel strategies to new product innovation and service design.

In all cases, our work is grounded in a unique open-ended and behavior-based direct customer research approach that allows and encourages customers to set their own context and places primary importance on what customers naturally do rather than what they say.

We then synthesize findings from the customer research with the client’s business context and objectives to develop a clear customer experience strategy with prioritized, detailed and actionable recommendations for implementation.

Additional services

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Persona Development
  • Customer Loyalty Benchmarking
  • Experience Prototyping
  • Team Training
  • Innovation Workshops

A range of behavior-based research methods

  • Listening Labs
  • Contextual Interviews
  • Ethnography
  • Usability
  • Rapid Iterative Testing
  • Market Research Surveys

We take a holistic approach.

Customer experience is never isolated to a single channel, business function or organizational silo – and neither is our work. Depending on the client’s context, our research and strategy often extends across channels, customer touch points, back-office operations and more.

We explicitly include customers.

No matter the project scope, we insist on including direct customer research. We don’t believe it is possible to innovate or design a strategy, experience, service or product without first understanding customers, their natural behaviors and manifest or latent needs.

We are not afraid to be contrarian.

Yet we have been praised by clients for delivering oftensurprising and even provocative recommendations (often the type that lead to real business breakthroughs) in a way that puts teams at ease and allows them to hear and accept our findings, even when they at first seem counter-intuitive.

We build organizational consensus.

We believe that the organization behind the experience is the most important determinant of success, but also understand that any healthy organization contains some competing opinions. Thus, building the consensus for change – aligned around the customer – is in itself one of our key deliverables.

We always provide the A team.

We don’t have an impressive sales or marketing team which then hands off projects to junior associates. The Regardo Group team you meet when we first talk is the team with which you’ll work throughout the project, and our chief executive is involved in each project.

We are empathetic not academic.

We are not made up of academics, technologists or human factors disciples. Rather, all our team have a liberal arts background – literature, history, art or music – a strong foundation for truly hearing, seeing and yes, empathizing with customers (and our clients.)

We’re a close-knit group of dedicated and creative customer experience professionals in our second decade of working together. We’re made up of a diverse set of skills and roles – strategists, researchers and experience designers – that make our teams greater than the sums of their parts.

We’re happiest tackling challenging problems and creating innovative solutions that improve our clients’ businesses and make their customers happy.

Ed Dawidowicz

Ed Dawidowicz - Founder & Chief Client Officer

Ed founded Regardo Group after a 20-year career personally helping leading companies improve their customer experience. Ed’s experience spanned launching and managing major customer contact call centers, retail operations management and of course, customer experience consulting.

Ed’s title – Chief Client Officer – reflects his commitment to and puts the emphasis on where he puts his energy: our clients. As an independent, boutique consultancy, Ed maintains executive oversight of all Regardo Group projects and personally manages major client relationships and select projects.

“Ed’s simply the best I’ve come across in 12 years of working in this field. He’s been fantastic to work with and has helped me so much. I don’t meet many people as professional as he, with so much deep technical knowledge of their area of expertise. He’s undoubtedly improved our products many times over.

- Creative Director, BBC

“Ed is the best in the business. Grasps what we are after quickly, and produces great amount of detailed findings. Great insights from the research, very little hand holding, fast.

- Director, Customer Engagement, EMC

He is exceptional in getting perspective from consumers, and very insightful in his perceptions of what the implications of the research are. Ed is deeply vested in our success, he has great client relations, and yet is not at all afraid to confront us with the difficult challenging questions and issues we need to face.”

- VP, American Express

“I have used a number of different consultants for various parts of this program and Ed was by far the best experience I’ve had. I was extremely impressed with the expertise, professionalism, autonomy and results.

- Product Manager, Hewlett Packard

“I enjoy the candor with which Ed speaks, knowing what to say, when to say it, and to whom. The process and perspective… are both unique and highly insightful. As well, the speed at which the team determines the core issues at hand is admirable.

- COO, Rogers Ventures

We work globally and across business sectors, including financial services, retail and e-commerce, media, technology, online services, travel, biotech and healthcare.

Our team has helped these and many other companies improve their customer experience.



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